Kyodo Television is a company that brings together a wide range of activities including drama, entertainment, and documentary television programming, web and cell phone contents, the planning, production, and manufacturing of DVDs, videos and advertisements for business clients, event operations and so on.

We continue to provide various shows such as serialized dramas and regular prime time programming through over-the-air, BS and CS satellite, and internet broadcasting.

When it comes to technology department, in addition to electronic news gathering teams that's always 50 members strong, we have advanced technical equipment such as high definition relay vehicles, and over 40 post production facility rooms for things like video editing and multi audio. We can respond to any technical need for television production and live broadcasts of sporting events and concerts.

Since our company was established in 1958 the basis of our activities in this industry, and for our employees themselves, has been the "creative mind". And this philosophy has continued throughout all the changes in the media landscape.

Endowed with this "creative mind," this company's group of creators constantly takes the initiative. We always have the goal of making media that presents to the world excitement and dreams. While being flexible in a rapidly changing media environment, we will continue to raise our value as an integrated production company to better continue serving all of you.

Our business line

-Planning, making, selling of broadcasting programs, news, talk shows'
-Planning, making, selling of footage, movies, videos, web, cell phone contents, DVD, advertisement
- Planning, running, engaging in development activities of events
-Camera crew: VTR, studio, OB vans shooting, recording, lighting, photographing, etc.
-Post production service: editing, copying, printing etc.
-DVD/BD total making: authoring through packaging
-Electronic hardware production, making, selling, renting and providing information of the hardware
-Advertisement agency service
-Detachment of staff

Access & Contact

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Head office:
5-6-10 Hamarikyu Parkside Place 11th flr. Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045

Technical center:
1-1-20 Diver City Tokyo 6th flr. Aomi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo 135-0064

Introduction of production

First Production Department (Drama)

About the First Production Department (Drama)

As one of the main section that represents Kyodo Television, we take great pride in the level of quality. We have been awarded from the Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies award (ATP), the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan.
Currently the drama department has 15 producers and 21 directors who works mainly on series dramas, as well as 2 hour dramas, special dramas and late-night dramas. Also, there are 50 staff members who can handle various programs to apply to multi channel broadcasting, new media development. Many teams are always standing by, able to deal with any need that may arise.

Filmmaking Department

About the Filmmaking Department

Filmmaking that only Kyodo Television can do... We apply all of our great know-how from our experience with long-running dramas to create truly entertaining films.

Mainly working on commission, we take a positive attitude toward planning and production. All work are highly valued for the numerous hits we've already recorded.

With our antenna ever sensitive to the changing times, we use our flexibility, know-how and human-resource to embody high quality entertainment, now and in the future.

2nd Production Department (Entertainment Program)

About the 2nd Production Department (Entertainment Program)

Sensitive planning ability, bold producing and mobility to adapt to the times: Those are the strengths of our department. Ripped straight from the headlines, we continually make high quality, topical entertainment programs filled with creativity. By creating an extensive range of programs, mainly at Fuji Television, from regular prime-time programming, to specials, late-night shows and news planning. Not only Fuji, but also to other broadcasters and BS/CS satellite channels, too.
We continue to create the "present" and the "future".

3rd Production Department(Business Development & Publicity and Promotion)

About the Business Development Department

The Business Development Division manages many different units including film production, event production, subtitles and audio for the impaired, school operations, and DVD & Blu-ray media production.

■Film Production Section
This unit handles the planning and production of videos for companies, government administration offices, educational, medical and events with the focus on normal broadcast, CS and BS satellite broadcasting as well as DVD, web, and all other kinds of media. Until the work complete, we work together from draft planning to writing the scripts, filming to editing, putting their hearts into the work. Kyodo Television fully utilizes its 50 years of know-how, promising to offer videos of a quality no other companies can compete with.

■Event Production Section
We project, plan, produce, create, operate, and implement with our focus always on entertainment. Using the know-how of the best post production capabilities in Japan, we provide you with "moving" and "inspiring" events. Let us carry out the planning, producing, managing, live broadcasting, public recordings, and satellite broadcasts of sports events, plays, musicals, and other events as well.
We also take pride in the planning and production of artist video clips.

■Subtitles and Audio for Impaired Section
We translate and make subtitles for overseas dramas and documentaries and television programs. Not just high quality subtitles appropriate for high definition television, we also create closed captions for the hearing impaired. We also produce a secondary descriptive audio track for the visually impaired.

■School Operations Sections
With Fuji Television, we help to cultivate new talent by putting on "announcer training courses" for people who want to become announcers and reporters. We focus mainly on college students, however they are also open to the general working population. With lecturers from current Fuji Television announcers, as well as alumni, a great number of people complete these courses and help to spread superior talent into all forms of media.

■DVD & Blu-ray Media Production Section
Our DVD business started from the creation of packaged DVD media for our original productions. With the flexible ideas and quality, we kept expanding this field. Today, we go beyond just the entertainment industry by developing proposals and support for DVD media in various fields and businesses.

■Publicity and Promotion Section
About the Publicity and Promotion Department

For programs and events you've got to have good PR!

We deal with promotion of regular, BS, and CS satellite broadcasts to internet and DVDs. The promotions have contributed to high ratings and a better image for programs. With spot advertising for various programs and events at the core, take approach to content creation. Expanding our activities into more and more regions, we work on multi-faceted, diversified publicity and promotion. Using different techniques for effective presentation in each respective media, we keep expanding the number of viewers and the attendees that we pull in through our promotions.

Commercials Department

About the Commercials Department

Commercials are not simply a way to promote sales, they are a "keenly honed message" presented in a very short time. That is the field in which we are established. We take pride in our accomplishments in this field both inside and outside Japan.
We have won an excellence award at the Cannes International Film Festival, finalist at the Clio awards, won an IBA excellence award and the grand prix in the video category at the ACC awards, and we constantly stretch our antenna around in all directions to create even higher quality commercials.
By freely using the large amount of information, vast facilities, and networks in an integrated production framework, we create not just television commercials, but all forms of media from radio, web, giant television displays, storefront promotion, and even DVDs

Electronic News Gathering Department

About the Electronic News Gathering Department

We're the "cutting edge" video unit

【"Cutting edge" filming technology】
Over 50 crew members fly around the world for shooting news, information, variety, and documentary programs as well as packaged and other commercial media. We take pride in being the most powerful filming group with our special equipment like steady-cams and underwater cameras.

【"Cutting edge" relay technology】
We catch the new wave in this field of cutting edge equipment for satellite communication, IP communication relay systems and raw communications, which required large numbers of people and money. In places and circumstances where satellite news gathering vans couldn't enter, we now use ENG cameras with a small number of people to do small scale simple relays! We utilize this great capability for video transmission and live broadcasts from overseas.

【"Cutting edge" image production】
Just filming alone cannot properly convey the essence of "now". The ENG department also has the ability to create their own video productions. From planning to filming and editing, we produce a great variety of output. We've also established a cost effective system for combining video production orders together for production and direction. We promise to create new techniques in video production and transmission that you've never seen before.

About the Multi-video Production Division

The Multi-video Production Division, with the cornerstone of the ENG department's filming and information gathering power, we plan and create "visual" media in various fields.

Using the filming power of the cameraman, we create many different kinds of programming and original content, focusing on documentary programming, also with the planning and creation of next generation media. From event planning and advance-work, to performance hall uplinks, recordings, and VTR/DVD creation, our group can produce them all.

Post Production Department

About the Post Production Department

Among this digital age, it's not too much to say that our postproduction work controls the final product for our programs, movies, and other contents. At our main building in Tsukiji, and also at Fuji Television-Daiba and Fuji Television-Wangan Studio, we've expanded our offline and online editing, Multi Audio, CG, print transcoding and more, for consistent postproduction business. Our talented staff uses their technique, and the latest hardware and software to satisfy our client's diverse requests.

Technical Operations Department

About the Technical Operations Department

Our main duty is handling the technical transmission hook-ups with the studios. We handle a wide range of duties in entertainment show, music, sports, news, and information broadcast programming. Also handles theaters, live concerts and events' recording and monitor service for live broadcasts. As our specialty is relaying transmissions, our large HD OB Vans, super slow motion OB Vans, and satellite communication news OB Vans provide a complete line up. We also have addition equipment such as character generator systems so we can handle all different scopes and subjects.