When you only need a small amount of footage in Japan, it may be cost-prohibitive to travel all the way here to film on location. In the event you need location shots of Japan but you don’t want to break the bank, please consider Kyodo Television. Our filming teams can utilize our stockpile of filmed locations to quickly provide you with your requested footage. Whether its shooting on location, broadcasting live events or editing archived footage to your unique requests, Kyodo Television is equipped to realize all your filming endeavors in Japan.

What kind of footage are you looking for?


  • Japanese landscapes, such as Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, or Asakusa
  • Drone shots of city views
  • Japanese street interviews
  • Footage of Japanese craftsman at work, along with interviews

Requested footage can be delivered via the internet.

In the event that you have a large request for location shots of Japan, Kyodo Television’s directors can edit our existing stockpile of footage to satisfy your filming needs.