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Multi Purpose Audio Van

UHD OB Van [KR-supreme]UHD OB Van [KR-supreme]

A multi-purpose audio van that can be used as an equipment vehicle, power supply vehicle, and VTR vehicle

[KR-meg] was designed as a support vehicle for [KR-advance] as an equipment vehicle, power supply vehicle, and VTR vehicle equipped with a mix room.
The mix room is equipped with a LAWO MC2-56 as the main mixer, creating a full audio system of the highest class. It can be used for surround sound production and multi-track recording, and also delivers high-quality sound for a wide variety of production such as sports broadcasts and live music concerts.
This vehicle is spacious enough to load abundant equipment and it does not require a power supply. The air-conditioned cargo area can be used for multi-purposes such as for VTR room, EVS, CG production, or any other work depending on your ingenuity. It is a multi-purpose audio van that provides a full range of operations.

Mixer room
Mixer room

The front of the vehicle is used as a mixer room and is compatible with the LAWO MC2-56 32Fader 5.1ch. Although compact in size, it is full of functionality.


The rear of the vehicle can be used for multiple purposes. Such as EVS operation, graphic operation, and more.

Cargo room
Cargo room

When all work is finished, the mixer slides to the back. This way it provides a vast cargo area.

Power supply truck

Equipped with a 50kVA generator it can serve as a power supply vehicle.





Full length 10180mm, width 2495mm full height 3615mm

Audio system

Mixing Console : MC2-56 32Fader
Main Speaker : ADAM AUDIO S2X
Surround Speaker : ADAM AUDIO S1X / Sub10MKⅡ
Immersive Speaker : Genelec 80200
Multi Track Recorder : AVID Pro Tools HDX
Loudness Meter & Vector Scope : ASTRO DESIGN AM-3805
Audio Analyzer : FLUX Pure Analyzer System