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Multi Purpose Audio Van

Multi Purpose Audio Van [KR-mix]Multi Purpose Audio Van [KR-mix]

State-of-art audio van that provides the best quality

[KR-mix] is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose audio van equipped with a LAWO MC2-56 mk-3 mixer in the main mix room and capable of immersive audio (up to 7.1.4 channels of stereo sound) and multi-track recording.
With experience acquired from other audio van, KR-meg and the latest technology are actively incorporated to deliver high-quality sound, capable for any kind of production, including global sports broadcasts and live music concerts.
The system was also used at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and received high praise from overseas engineers.
It can be used not only as an audio van, but also as an equipment vehicle and a power supply vehicle. The cargo area is fully air-conditioned and provides a comfortable space for VTR room, CG, EVS production, etc.

Supports a Wide Variety of Soundsof purposes, from sports to live music recording.

The LAWO MC2-56 mk-3 48fader mixer can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from sports to live music recording.

Supports a Wide Variety of Soundsof purposes, from sports to live music recording.

Take a 360° tour of the mixing room

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Immersive audio mixing
Immersive audio mixing

Equipped with 3D panning. Supports live immersive audio mixing of up to 7.1.4 channels.

Improved sound visibility
Improved sound visibility

The FLUX Pure Analyzer System improves sound visibility.

Bringing the softness of analog to the digital world
Bringing the softness of analog to the digital world

The UAD2 Live Rack gives your music a vintage flavor.

Multitrack recording
Multitrack recording

KR-mix uses Pro Tools for multitrack recording.

AOIP connection for stage boxes
AoIP connection for stage boxes

The stage box has an AoIP connection, allowing intercom, tally, and including sound to be sent.

Spacious room
Spacious room

It has a space big enough to be used for mixing and a utility room. Usually used for EVS operation and graphic operation.

The truck
Cargo Room

When all work is finished, the mixer slides to the back. This way it provides a vast cargo area.

Power supply truck

Equipped with a 55kVA generator it can serve as a power supply vehicle.





Full length 11990mm, width 2495mm full height 3640mm

Audio system

Mixing Console : MC2-56 MK3 48Fader
Main Speaker : ADAM AUDIO S3H
Surround Speaker : ADAM AUDIO S1X / Sub10MKⅡ
Immersive Speaker : Genelec 8020
Multi Track Recorder : AVID Pro Tools HDX
Effect : UAD2 Live Rack
Loudness Meter & Vector Scope : ASTRO DESIGN AM-3807
Audio Analyzer : FLUX Pure Analyzer System